HERO Grill

How To Light HERO Charcoal Pod
Watch this quick video to see what lighting your HERO Charcoal looks like. We recommend holding flame to the corner briquettes for 15 seconds each.
How to Compost HERO Charcoal Pods
HERO Charcoal Pods can be easily composted to make your garden better. Simply follow these simple instructions to utilize the perlite for amend your soils.
Great grilled food starts with a grill that makes it easy to cook over charcoal. Consider these 7 grilling challenges that HERO solves, making it easy to enjoy a charcoal grilled meal pretty much anywhere you go.
New HERO™ Grill Has Lower Emissions Than Traditional Instant-Light Charcoal
The HERO Grill uses a single use, biodegradable charcoal pod for simple, clean grilling almost anywhere outdoors. The quick lighting charcoal pods are all-natural with low VOC and 60 minutes of grilling time. It was recently tested for emissions and volatile organic compounds by Horizon Air Measurement services as part of certification by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) as compliant with South Coast Air Quality Management District Rule 1174. The HERO™ Charcoal Pods showed an emission rate of 0.00541b VOC/Start, which is 73% less than the standard.
8 Reasons Why HERO Pods Are Worth the Money
The HERO Grill was developed to allow you to take charcoal grilling to all the places you love by incorporating the use of biodegradable charcoal pods, which transform the entire experience.