8 Reasons Why HERO Pods Are Worth the Money

Have you ever wanted to enjoy grilled burgers or hotdogs by the lake or at the beach, but decided that carrying your bulky charcoal grill was just too much? You're not alone. 

The HERO Grill was developed to allow you to take charcoal grilling to all the places you love by incorporating the use of biodegradable charcoal pods, which transform the entire experience. 

HERO Charcoal Pods are better than bagged charcoal because they:

  1. Capture the mess of grilling;
  2. Allow you to transport charcoal in a waterproof manner (think paddle board, canoe, motorcycle or RV);
  3. Give you a clean & simple way to store your grill and fuel in your kitchen cabinet;
  4. Allow you to easily grill at the park or at your condo, without the smoke or bulkiness of traditional grills;
  5. Provide are simple mechanism to dispose of ashes;
  6. Make it easy to extinguish; you can pour water right into the pod and the perlite absorbs the water;
  7. Enable you to put your grill in the dishwasher when you get back home, and
  8. Offer the most environmentally friendly option ever developed! See article here