Fire & Flavor Introduces Almond & Olive Wood Mediterranean Charcoals

Grilling is often associated with festivals and celebrations in the Mediterranean region, and Fire & Flavor is bringing the party to the U.S. with its new Almond Wood and Olive Wood charcoals.

Cooking fresh, simple meals on a grill has a long history in the Mediterranean, from Easter lamb in Greece to everyday comfort foods such as pita bread, pizza, seafood and fresh vegetables. Recipes tend to focus on using healthy, simple ingredients to create aromatic taste, which is what Fire & Flavor is all about.

“We thought, ‘Why not look to these culinary regions for inspiration around healthy grilling?” said Davis Knox, co-founder and CEO of Fire & Flavor.

Fire & Flavor's new Mediterranean charcoals are the first of their kind in the U.S. and are available in three varieties: Almond Wood Lump Charcoal, Olive Wood Lump Charcoal, and Olive Wood Briquets.

Beginning in March 2019, you can find Fire & Flavor Olive Wood Lump Charcoal in Winn-Dixie, Bi-Lo and Kroger stores nationwide. Both Olive Wood Lump Charcoal and Almond Wood Lump Charcoal are also available in Central Market stores in Texas.

Almond wood offers a slightly sweet, nutty flavor with a delightful light smoke for beef, chicken, pork and game. Olive wood produces a light, complex and deliciously aromatic flavor, perfect for poultry, fish and lamb. As with all Fire & Flavor grilling products, our almond wood and olive wood charcoals are all-natural. You won’t ever taste any harmful chemicals, additives or fillers.

Many people pair wine with meals to bring out maximum complementary flavors, and cooking with subtle yet complex olive- or almond-wood smoke seizes upon the same concept.

Created during the post-harvest pruning process in olive and almond orchards, these new sustainable charcoals don’t require cutting down any trees. In addition to creating the charcoal using agricultural waste, known as biomass, both woods also have superior carbon-absorption characteristics to help reduce global warming.

To maximize the natural flavor, we strongly recommend lighting all Fire & Flavor charcoals with our new Biomass Fire Starters or Wood Wool Fire Starters. Taste the smoke, not gas or chemicals.

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