Chips, Chunks & Planks Combine Both


Grilling versus smoking comes down to 2 things – heat and time. Grilling is cooking at a higher temperature for a shorter time, and smoking is low and slow. Both deliver tasty food, from a great steak and grilled veggies to awesome ribs.


Want to combine grilling and smoking? It’s easy! Just use smoking woods to add a great smoky flavor to pretty much anything you grill. 


Chips and chunks

To infuse your food with a tasty smoky flavor, add smoking chips or chunks to the top of your charcoal. Chips are better for a faster cook, since they are smaller and burn faster. Chunks are better for cooks over 1 hour. Look for all natural wood with a smoke profile from earthy and sweet to aromatic fruit.  


Cedar planks

For a restaurant-quality meal with minimal extra effort, try a cedar grilling plank to impart a subtle, woodsy flavor to your fish, poultry, beef or vegetables. They add a beautiful presentation and robust, smoky flavor to any grilled meal. Fire & Flavor pioneered cedar-plank grilling in the early 2000s, and our best-selling Cedar Grilling Planks remain the industry standard. All of our cedar products are made with100% all-natural, sustainable Western Red Cedar and are HAACP-Certified.


Cedar wraps

For a unique twist, cedar wraps add an exciting flavor to a charcoal cooked meal. Simply soak the cedar wraps in water for five minutes, wrap them around any meat, fruit or veggie you'd normally grill, and enjoy an intense infusion of smoky flavor. Here are some cedar wrap recipes to get you started!