Reusing Your HERO® Charcoal Pods


HERO charcoal pods were designed to be a disposable component of your grill system allowing you to capture the mess of grilling over time. The pods can be reused until they become too messy for your liking. 

We can not guarantee how many uses you will get from your charcoal pod as this depends on what you are cooking. Greasier foods will make the pod breakdown faster, especially the cardboard exterior structure. 

It is important to note that pouring water over your charcoal pod will make it not reusable. To reuse, simply let the charcoal burn out over time and then dump out or compost the remaining ash.

HERO pods give you the freedom to more easily take charcoal grilling on an adventure. The charcoal pods are lined with a lava stone called perlite, which is naturally occurring siliceous rock. This lava stone liner will stand up over time to the heat of burning charcoal on top of it. That said, it is somewhat fragile and may start to show cracks over time. This, in and of itself, does not prevent the pods from continuing to be used. 

And, remember, the more charcoal you add the hotter your HERO grill will get. 

We hope you enjoy your HERO Grill, especially out on an adventure to the beach, city park or your local mountain top!