Slow Cooker Asian Short Ribs

These fall off the bone ribs are amazing. We often shred the meat of the bone and serve like pot roast. This slow cooker recipe is a crowd favorite!

Prep Time:  10 minutes
Cook Time:  5-7 hours
Yields:  4 servings

3 pounds bone-in beef short ribs
1 tablespoon Fire & Flavor Asian Rub
¼ cup soy sauce
¼ cup beef broth
¼ cup brown sugar
3 scallions, white and light green part, chopped
3-4 slices fresh ginger
Fresh cilantro and sesame seeds for garnish

FIRST Place short ribs in crock pot, sprinkle with Asian Rub, and top with remaining ingredients (soy sauce through ginger). Cover and cook on high for 5 hours or low for 7 hours, until ribs are super tender.

LAST Remove ribs from liquid, garnish with cilantro and sesame seeds, and serve.

*If you like serving ribs with a sauce, cool the liquid to room temperature, pour into a glass-measuring cup and refrigerate.  Remove solid fat from top, reheat, and serve.