A Game of Prime Ribs

by Ryan Niccolls

In addition to sharing a common interest in cooking, over the past few years my brother Eric and I have enjoyed several of the same TV shows. It's a great way to regularly connect about the previous week's episodes.

When we started our Instagram Page, @dads_who_grill, we had a good family friend suggest that we should cook something to coincide with the season premiere of the critically acclaimed TV show, Game of Thrones. After talking it over, we wanted to do something that incorporated several themes from the show, but also was manageable for the average amateur griller.

Ultimately, we felt that prime rib was a cut of meat that you might see characters on the show eating in one of the episodes. We knew we had a winner, especially with the flames kicking off the grill as the meat cooked! The common saying goes that every time a Targaryen is born you flip a coin to see whether they're insane, but you don't have to leave your meal to fate -- this recipe is mouthwatering 100% of the time.

GOT Prime Rib

  1. Allow prime rib to come to room temp
  2. Cover in simple homemade compound rosemary, garlic, and thyme butter - we actually made this the night before to allow the butter to cool overnight.
  3. Smoke on indirect heat (using Fire and Flavor charcoal) at 225 degrees for 4 hours - disclaimer we didn't use your charcoal this time but will in the future for sure!
  4. With so many kids in the house, we needed to cook this to a temperature that was right for everyone, so we smoked it on the grill until it reached an internal temperature of 129 degrees
  5. We then turned the grill up to 500 degrees for a quick sear 
  6. Pull the roast off the grill and allow it to rest for a few minutes before slicing
  7. ENJOY

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