Sustainability Pillars

Innovate for the Environment

At Fire and Flavor, one of our core values is to ‘create transformative change’. The charcoal industry represents a unique opportunity to create innovative sustainability options for the future, and we continually challenge ourselves to leverage our market position to do some good for the environment. With recent product developments we have reduced VOC emissions, invested in the use of agricultural waste woods and, in doing so, moved thousands of consumers to products that do less harm to the environment. Our goal is to continually push for greater change in the way our goods are produced, delivered and consumed so that our precious environment is not harmed.

Limit Packaging Waste

We always advocate for a ‘reduce and reuse’ mentality among consumers and aim to use our platform to drive change in reducing packaging waste, especially single-use plastics. In 2020, we developed the Packaging Sustainability Initiative (PSI) which is a four-part strategy to tackle this issue:
● Provide on-pack consumer
communication for recycling and
responsible disposal
● Reduce single-use plastics in packaging
● Explore partnerships with environmental
advocacy organizations
● Create on-going eco-sourcing and
product packaging reviews

Source from Renewable Resources

Fire and Flavor continues to explore ways to responsibly source all of its products. In doing so, we’ve developed four strategies to implement in the coming years to better sourcefor sustainability

● Limit the use of non-renewableresources

● Continually evaluate sourcingspecifications to prioritize PECF, FSC,SFI or other sustainability certifiedsuppliers

● Establish transparency in our supplychain by generating annual sustainability reports

F+F Sustainability Milestones

Limit Packaging Waste

1. By September 2020 - have consumer guidance on all our packaging as to how to recycle the product and packaging
2. By July 2021- reduce the amount of single use plastics in product packaging by at least 30%
3. By Dec 2020 - establish partnerships with environmental organizations that align with our values and help educate around our areas of focus as a Brand

Source from Renewable Resources

1. By January 2021 - locate and partner with a forest/land rehabilitation program 
2. By March 2021 - source 80% of our products from renewable resources
○ Work to have eligible products FSC and/or SFI certified by
same date
3. By December 2021 - release our first annual Sustainability Report