About Us

Gena and I were young, eager and in love when we started our entrepreneurial journey together from our garage nearly 20 years ago. From her love of cooking and reading culinary magazines, Gena discovered the age-old method of using planks to grill fish. Intrigued, we had to try it. ‘Cedar planking’ salmon just sounded like the perfect dinner date! 

Fast forward to now, we think back on how that simple culinary pleasure sparked a passion to help others discover that same joy. We wanted more folks to cook at home, and we still do. 
Over the last two decades, we have taken an innovative yet simplistic approach in creating products to help share the culinary joy fire brings to flavor. From the original cedar planks to our charcoal to our seasonings and our portable HERO grill, all natural and well-sourced materials are at their core. 
We believe eating well is the key to living well, and in living well, we believe we must also be good stewards to world around us. 
We are so thankful for your support of our dream, and we want to encourage you to take a dive into something new. You’ve got this. Discover the joy. 
Your friends in food, 
Gena and Davis Knox