About Us

We founded our company in 2003 on three primary beliefs about food and people.

Simplicity Should Be In Everything We Do

Most people crave grilled and smoked foods but are intimidated by the process. We make products that are not only simple to use but offer simplicity through product design and less complex ingredient profiles.

Taste Is Not Just For The Tongue
We help you make smarter decisions. We believe you can have good taste and enjoy good taste. In this way, design and selection are defining aspects of our brand. We make food shine through simple techniques and natural flavors.

Live Fire Grilling Reigns Supreme

The best meals are prepared over live fire, which naturally elevates the flavor in foods making them succulent and delicious. Live fire is an age-old method which includes both direct and indirect grilling as well as smoking, rotisserie and ember style roasting.



Your friends in food,
Gena and Davis Knox