HERO Charcoal Pods (2 Pack)

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HERO Charcoal Pods (2 Pack)
HERO Charcoal Pods (2 Pack)
HERO Charcoal Pods (2 Pack)
HERO Charcoal Pods (2 Pack)
HERO Charcoal Pods (2 Pack)
HERO Charcoal Pods (2 Pack)
HERO Charcoal Pods (2 Pack)
HERO Charcoal Pods (2 Pack)
HERO Charcoal Pods (2 Pack)
HERO Charcoal Pods (2 Pack)
HERO Boat Grilling
HERO Charcoal Pods (2 Pack)

Eco-friendly and instant light, all natural HERO Charcoal Pods are ready in 10 minutes and deliver over 60 minutes of cooking time.

No lighter fluid or starters needed. Clean up is easy. And grilling is even easier!  HERO Pods capture any grilling mess and provide a convenient way to extinguish and pack up when done. HERO Charcoal Pods are also a healthier choice, as the charcoal is plant-based, low VOC and can be composted. Plus, you don't get your hands dirty handling and lighting traditional charcoal. 

PRO TIP: Shake the charcoal pod after it is fully lit (~10 minutes) for a hotter burning fire. The pods typically burn at around 450 degrees before shaking. With a good shake, they can reach up to 650 degrees.


Where do I order more HERO pods in the future? You can order on our website. We also sell at many well known retailers, both in store and online. As always, we encourage you to shop local when possible.

Can I use other charcoals in my HERO Grill? The HERO uses a proprietary briquet that is mostly flameless and does not require combustible petroleum-based starters, making it much safer to use in this format. Further, the pods are designed to capture the mess of grilling. Continued grilling with the pods may allow grease to build up in the pod, creating a fire hazard. Use of other charcoals will also void your grill warranty.

How do I pack my used grill and charcoal pod back into the carry case?
The HERO Carry Case was designed to help you pack away the entire HERO Grill System after each use. Once properly cooled, replace the lid on the charcoal pod and place the grill into the zippered bag. Then, place all the components back into the carry case, which can be easily wiped out with mild soap and water once you return home.

Product Includes

  • Two (2) HERO Charcoal Pods

Key Benefits

  • GREAT FOR RVs, CAMPING, PICNICKING and TAILGATING: The HERO’s quick set up, easy to use components and fast lighting charcoal allow you to conveniently enjoy a charcoal grilled meal almost anywhere outdoors.

  • NO MESS CHARCOAL BRIQUETTES: The durable, eco-friendly HERO Charcoal Pod is compact for stackable storage and no mess compared to bagged charcoal briquettes. Perfect for storing in any kitchen!

  • ECO-FRIENDLY: HERO Charcoal Pods are clean, compact and portable and their earth friendly ingredients are low VOC, making them an environmentally friendly fuel choice compared to petroleum based alternatives.

  • QUICK LIGHT CHARCOAL: The LAVALITETM Charcoal Pod provides a simple and fast lighting charcoal with each single use, disposable pod.

  • SAFE PORTABLE CHARCOAL: HERO Charcoal Pods safe, portable charcoal option for grilling great food with friends and family. Plus, they are quick to extinguish by pouring water over the pod or simply letting them burn out. 

  • WATERPROOF: Store your pods on your boat or carry the entire grill system out in your canoe. Everything is waterproof so you can grill anywhere! 

Learn how to compost HERO Charcoal Pods


Customer Reviews

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Taste of Chicken/Fish Cooked with HERO Grill/Charcoal

We didn’t like the taste of chicken & fish cooked with the Hero Grill/Charcoal. We’re sorry to give a negative review for a product that is so convenient to use.


HERO Charcoal Pods (2 Pack)

Excellent product

We are big fans of the HERO Grill pods. They are clean to handle, super-easy to light, and ready in minutes. I also love that the leftover ash can be recycled into my garden, as well as the pod tray.

Works great - but regurlarly

These are amazing and we take camping and poolside on the regular for steaks, hot dogs and grilled...everything

I love this!

So easy to use! Always reliable heat! Love the packaging especially when traveling. Getting ready to buy more. The only thing that’s a bummer is the shipping charges. Pretty steep! Would be nice if anything over $49 shipped free like most companies. Especially since I’ll be buying a lot of pods.