How to Compost HERO Charcoal Pods

HERO charcoal pods are all natural, environmentally friendly and low emission. All of the materials in your HERO charcoal pod are made by Mother Nature and, just like children, ‘momma would like them to come back home.'

In Nature, there is no waste. 
Everything and everyone has a purpose.

We hope you will put your used HERO pods to great use for nature. Here are a few tips to help you understand the  components of a HERO charcoal pod and how to return it to nature.

Pod Components
Each HERO charcoal pod has 3 components: 

  1. Cardboard tray, made from post-consumer recycled materials. 
  2. Perlite insulating tray (the ‘white stuff’). 
  3. All natural charcoal briquettes.

About Perlite
Perlite is a naturally occurring, organic siliceous rock and, as such, is not toxic. This ‘lava stone’ insulates the HERO grill on the bottom and sides of the charcoal pod. It is an inert mineral aggregate that improves drainage and aeration when added to soil. Because its particles do not decompose with time, it benefits your soil for years to come. You’ve probably seen perlite before:  it’s the familiar ‘white stuff’ you often find in common potting soils.

Composting Process
You will notice that the briquets in the charcoal pod  turn into a fine ash powder after burning. This ash is suitable for combining into your garden soil and can help to raise the pH in your garden, if needed. 

The organic perlite can help your soils become more fertile. If you break the perlite tray using a hammer or something heavy, it will take on a “gravel-like” appearance. At this point, you can mix it into your soil to help oxygen and water travel freely through the soil. Adding perlite works especially well in compact soils. Pro Tip: Before you break up the perlite tray, wet the entire tray so that the perlite dust is not inhaled and  place it into a plastic bag to capture the crushed perlite. 

To recycle the HERO charcoal pod’s cardboard packaging, simply break the cardboard down flat and place into any cardboard recycling bin. 

At Fire & Flavor, we aim to ensure our products exceed your expectations, give you tasty food and help our precious environment. Thanks for doing your part to return the HERO charcoal pod components to Mother Nature.