A Clean Burning Future
When you think about firing up your backyard grill or fire pit, do you consider your health? Or, when you head out to go backpacking or camping, do you like to ‘leave no trace’? If you do, welcome to our...
Car campers are all about convenience. RVers are all about space. Both just want an authentic, tasty charcoal cooked meal at the campsite. Neither wants to lug a big grill and bag of charcoal along. The solution?  The HERO Grill.
Fire & Flavor pledges proceeds to benefit public education
 Fire & Flavor founder, Davis Knox, is not the first one in his family to believe every child has a right to a quality education. It’s a belief that runs generations deep. “My family has always believed that our public...
Chips, Chunks & Planks Combine Both   Grilling versus smoking comes down to 2 things – heat and time. Grilling is cooking at a higher temperature for a shorter time, and smoking is low and slow. Both deliver tasty food,...
What is plant based and why you should care? Plant based food is all the rage. Think fruits, nuts, vegetables and grains versus their processed counterparts such as breads, pasta, breakfast cereals and fermented vegetables. The Plant Based Foods Association...
Taste the Flavor, Not the Fuel
Check your charcoal with 5 questions Charcoal is burned wood, right? Not always. In fact, some charcoal has chemical fillers, binders and other additives to hold the particles together. On the other hand, hardwood lump charcoal is made from just...
Tips for Great Grilled Kebabs
Kebabs are great for either a casual dinner party or a weeknight meal with the family. They help you stretch a small amount of meat, poultry, or fish over more servings by threading on lots of colorful vegetables. And, perhaps best of all, they’re just fun to eat. For foolproof kebab success, consider the following tips. 
Reduce Your Waste: Using Grilling Products After You're Done Cooking
In honor of Earth Day and the beginning of the warm-weather grilling season, we have some exciting ideas to help you reduce your environmental footprint.
Using Smoking Chips Indoors (On Your Stove!)
Have you ever wanted to smoke food, but don’t have access to an outdoor smoker or grill? Here's a simple method for using smoking chips on your stovetop.
Cheatsheet: How Done Is Your Steak?
Rare, medium, well-done, and everything in between -- there are many different ways to cook a steak. And if you're anything like us, you have a strong opinion on which way is best. Perfect your skills before summer starts and wow all your future party guests!
How to Make a Guilt-Free Hamburger
You love burgers, but sometimes want to go a little lighter. Here are some tips and techniques to help you grill up the juiciest, most flavorful lean burgers.
Impress Your Valentine with Our "Fast and Fancy" Menu
Fighting the crowds and overpaying for a prix-fixe dinner at a restaurant is not our idea of an enjoyable Valentine’s Day -- but pouring some wine, building a nice fire in the fireplace, and cooking our fast and fancy menu is! 
Don't Get Sick! Tips for Safe Food Preparation

Much of the time, the bacteria and toxins are caused due to bad handling of the food itself. Here are a few helpful tips to keep you, your friends, and your family safe and happy when it comes to cooking properly. Most of these are common sense, but also very easy to forget about.

Tips for Winter Grilling
Year-round grilling is a no-brainer for those of us living in the South, where mild winters don’t put a damper on our hunger for flame-kissed food. But temperatures elsewhere (and even down here on occasion) can certainly dip well below the comfort level. That shouldn’t decrease your desire to cook over fire. 
The Benefits of Cutting Down Trees
Trees equal oxygen. We hear this from a young age, and grow up seeing them as one of our main life sources. You can’t live without oxygen.
Fire & Flavor Brand Ambassador: Ann Taylor Pittman
Welcome to mom, cookbook author and former Cooking Light food editor as a Fire & Flavor brand ambassador.
Brussels Sprouts and Bacon Pizza
When Brussels sprouts are wilted in salty bacon drippings and then charred in a hot pizza oven, they become solid family-friendly fare. Add to that a creamy three-cheese blend as the “sauce,” and you’ll be your family’s pizza hero.
Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Essential Grill Accessories
These affordable, classic necessities make great gifts for the outdoor cook in your life.
Video: Smoking Turkey on a Pellet Grill
Dana DeVolk of This Silly Girl's Kitchen shares one of her favorite ways to cook a bird: smoked on a pellet grill! Our all-natural Hickory Wood Pellets are compatible with any pellet grill and available online or at Publix stores.
Cook Report: Smoking Turkey on a Pellet Grill
By Zach Mussotto@madmoosebbq  Our friend Zach Mussotto of Mad Moose BBQ shares his tips and tricks for cooking perfectly tender, moist and flavorful turkey on a pellet grill using our Fire & Flavor Hickory Wood Pellets and a Turkey Perfect Herb Brine...
How to Cook with Cedar Wraps: 5 Easy Recipes for the Grill, Kitchen or Campfire
***Buy 2 and get 20% off the third pack of cedar wraps! Use code CEDAR20 at checkout*** Cedar wraps add an exciting and unique twist to backyard cooking. Simply soak the cedar wraps in water for five minutes, wrap them around any meat, fruit...