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Welcome to the Fire & Flavor family! We are glad to share with you some fresh and fun ways to cook more at-home. Our hope is your life becomes filled with adventure and laughter as you use our products to enjoy more time with the one’s you love.

Here’s to Better Flavors for a Better You!

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Kid Friendly Dinner Recipes for Every Night of the Week

Leftovers have never really excited me. If I could have it my way, I’d cook something new every night of the week. As a mother of 3 kids under 6...

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It's Chili Season: 3 Recipes for a Healthy New Year

New Year, New Recipes The start to a new year often signals New Year Resolutions and overcrowded gyms. An overindulgence of holiday sweets makes us eager to clean up our...

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Essential Accessories for the Aspiring Grill Master

Here at Fire & Flavor, we like to keep meals simple. From custom branding your steaks to a robotic grill brush, a thousand grilling gadgets may be overkill, but there...

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Slow Cooker Recipes and Tips for Fall Cooking

It’s just the second week of October, and we’ve already pulled out the slow cooker! We love this time of year not only for the crisp weather, but also because...

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How to Cook Steak Indoors and Outdoors

We love grilling steaks at Fire & Flavor. Whether it is a ribeye, filet mignon, strip, or flank there are a ton of choices for different families and settings. We’ve...

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Everything You Need to Know About Turkey Perfect

We blinked and just like that it is November! With the holidays quickly approaching, preparing a wholesome Thanksgiving feast for your family can seem daunting, especially when your holiday to-do...

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Turkey Perfect: Brining Your Turkey

When brining a turkey, whether you choose the wet method or dry method, you ultimately want the two important things: a juicy bird that is loaded with flavor. With both...

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Turkey Perfect: Dry Brining Your Turkey

Benefits of Dry Brining A juicy, flavorful bird starts with brining. It is the most important step in preparing the best turkey possible. There are thousands of articles on brining,...