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Welcome to the Fire & Flavor family! We are glad to share with you some fresh and fun ways to cook more at-home. Our hope is your life becomes filled with adventure and laughter as you use our products to enjoy more time with the one’s you love.

Here’s to Better Flavors for a Better You!

How to Make a Guilt-Free Hamburger

by Ann Taylor Pittman@anntaylorpittman OK, so you love burgers, but sometimes want to go a little lighter. After all, if you’re starting with fattier meat (like ground chuck) and then...

Impress Your Valentine with Our "Fast and Fancy" Menu

By Gena KnoxCo-founder of Fire & Flavor Fighting the crowds and overpaying for a prix-fixe dinner at a restaurant is not our idea of an enjoyable Valentine’s Day -- but...

Cook Report: Olive Wood Lump Charcoal

By Zach Mussotto@MadMooseBBQ First Impressions The first thing I noticed when I opened my bag of Fire & Flavor Olive Wood Lump Charcoal and looked inside was the huge chunks of wood!...

Don't Get Sick! Tips for Safe Food Preparation

There isn't much worse than eating a meal that makes you sick to your stomach. Here are a few helpful tips to keep you, your friends, and your family safe and happy when it comes to cooking properly.

Tips for Winter Grilling

Year-round grilling is a no-brainer for those of us living in the South, where mild winters don’t put a damper on our hunger for flame-kissed food. But temperatures elsewhere (and even down here on occasion) can certainly dip well below the comfort level. That shouldn’t decrease your desire to cook over fire. 

The Benefits of Cutting Down Trees

Trees equal oxygen. We hear this from a young age, and grow up seeing them as one of our main life sources. You can’t live without oxygen.

Fire & Flavor Brand Ambassador: Ann Taylor Pittman

Welcome to mom, cookbook author and former Cooking Light food editor as a Fire & Flavor brand ambassador.

Brussels Sprouts and Bacon Pizza

When Brussels sprouts are wilted in salty bacon drippings and then charred in a hot pizza oven, they become solid family-friendly fare. Add to that a creamy three-cheese blend as the “sauce,” and you’ll be your family’s pizza hero.

Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Essential Grill Accessories

These affordable, classic necessities make great gifts for the outdoor cook in your life.