Where The Antelope Roam.

Lonesome Goat.
by Jeff Simpson & Marty Edwards
Find a kid that was raised with adventure and I promise you will find an adult that has traditions.  For me, my introduction to hunting out west came in the back of an old pickup truck listening to my dad, grandpa and uncle all tell stories of adventures past while we drove up to Wyoming to chase antelope.
Years have come and gone, but every August I still find myself headed west to chase a little tradition.  The current day version is my best friend and hunting bud Marty and I setting up blinds, glassing goats and looking for solid campsites to spend a few days each August.
Each trip we have a goofy thing where we assign the MVP to one piece of gear. I dont really know why we do it, maybe its to reinforce that we cant come next year without it.  The past two years our HERO Grill has taken the honor.  A critically important detail about being in the middle of nowhere is that you better have your food situation dialed in.  The HERO has quickly become the unquestioned MVP by allowing an easy system to cook quality food and keep us right on these trips.
Below are some of the images from this year's trip.  Enjoy and get out and make your own traditions that involve less screentime and more dirt under those boots!
Unnecessary Rain
Never forget the bike!