HERO Car Camping with Dog

Car campers are all about convenience. RVers are all about space. Both just want an authentic, tasty charcoal cooked meal at the campsite. Neither wants to lug a big grill and bag of charcoal along. The solution?  HERO Grill! 
When you’re planning your next outdoor adventure, consider these 4 packing hacks to enjoy a grilled meal pretty much anywhere you go.
HERO Carry Case on Trout Stream

1. Pack a grill that’s compact

Ever thought about throwing in a grill and some charcoal for your camping trip, only to find there was no room? HERO Grill solves that problem! The rugged carrying case totes (and stores!) everything you need for a great grilled meal. The only other thing you need is your food! 
Unpacking HERO Grill

2. Pack a lightweight grill

Even with the grill, charcoal pod, spatula and cutting board packed inside the case, HERO Grill only weighs 9 pounds. The premium grill folds to the size of a standard laptop. How convenient is that?
HERO Gratematch Spatula and Seartemp Thermometer

3. Pack a grill that doesn’t need other stuff

HERO has an industry leading, non-stick, ceramic-coated grilling surface. You don’t have to pack olive oil or cooking spray to prevent sticking. No more messy bag of charcoal, starters or lighter fluid!
HERO Cleaning in Creek

4. Pack a grill that’s good for Mother Earth

    You’re camping to enjoy the great outdoors, so protect it! Each biodegradable HERO Charcoal Pod has 3 earth friendly components: the cardboard tray (made from post-consumer recycled materials), the lava stone insulating tray (the white stuff) and all natural charcoal briquettes. Plus, HERO produces 75% less emissions than traditional briquettes.