What is plant based and why you should care?

Plant based food is all the rage. Think fruits, nuts, vegetables and grains versus their processed counterparts such as breads, pasta, breakfast cereals and fermented vegetables. The Plant Based Foods Association says sales of plant based foods have grown by 31% since 2017.

So, what does that have to do with the charcoal you use? Just like plant based food products, plant based charcoal and grilling products are healthier for you.

What is plant based charcoal?
Simply put, plant based charcoal comes from 100% responsibly and sustainably harvested hardwood. The most common sources are maple, oak, mesquite, ebony and hickory. When you burn wood with limited oxygen and drive out the water, it becomes char – or charcoal. Basically, it’s pure carbon. Plant based charcoal doesn’t have fillers, binders or chemicals.

Why you should care?
Have you ever been camping or on your back deck when you suddenly smell a very chemical smoky odor? More than likely, your neighbor just doused his charcoal with lighter fluid and threw in a match.

On the other hand, when you use charcoal and charcoal starters made from plant based ingredients you’ll smell a nice, mild smoky aroma. They produce significantly less volatile organic compounds and don’t leave petroleum residue on your food and in your lungs.

If you’re looking for delicious wood-fired food, plant based charcoal and starters are the only thing you should use.  After all, you want to taste the food, not the fuel!