Reduce Your Waste: Using Grilling Products After You're Done Cooking

by Sadie Hobbs
Marketing Intern

Have you ever wondered what you can do with charcoal and cedar grilling planks after you've used them? In honor of Earth Day and the beginning of backyard cooking season, we have some exciting ideas to help you reduce your environmental footprint.

Speaking of footprints: Here at Fire & Flavor, we work hard to ensure that our products are agriculturally sustainable, all natural, and as healthy as possible for both people and the environment. Our new Olive Wood Charcoals and Almond Wood Lump Charcoal, for example, are made only from the leavings during the post-harvest pruning process for almond and olive trees.

Our Cedar Planks  -- which use only 100% Western Red Cedar and are PEFC-certified sustainable -- have so many awesome applications when it comes to cooking flavorful recipes, but did you know you can continue to use them even after grilling? One of our former employees, a champion of sustainable practices, saved her used cedar planks for woodworking projects. While this one was designed to hold firewood, the opportunities are endless.

As for your lump charcoal, there are several ways you can get twice the use out of it! Of course, wait until the grilling fire is completely out and the charcoal has had several hours to cool before handling.

  • Use the hardwood lump as “chalk” for the kids on the sidewalk! It's a fun family activity.
  • If your compost has an ammonia-type smell, add charcoal to it. The extra carbon can help to make this smell go away.
  • Fertilize your soil with finely ground charcoal and raise the pH for your plants!
  • Put a few pieces into a plastic bag and stick them in your refrigerator as an effective odor-eliminator.
  • Place a few small pieces into the bottom of a vase to keep cut flowers healthy for a longer amount of time.

Do you have any awesome ideas for reusing grilling products and reducing your environmental footprint? Share them with us on social media!