HERO Grill Rainbow Trout

 by Matt Moore, author of Serial Griller

Nothing beats a day spent fishing on the river.  Well, perhaps a day of catching fish followed by a shore lunch on your HERO grill does make the day that much better.  Cheers to that and good luck! The HERO Grill is perfect for taking your camping trip or next outdoor adventure up a notch.

Prep Time:  10 minutes
Cook Time:  50 minutes
Yields: 2 main course servings

1 1 lb. whole rainbow trout, dressed Creole seasoning
Lemon slices
1 bunch fresh thyme 
Fire & Flavor Cedar Plank
Aluminum foil

FIRST Soak Fire & Flavor cedar plank in water at least one hour.  Season interior and exterior gently with Creole seasoning and stuff fish with lemon slices and thyme.  Place the fish on the plank and keep cold until ready for grill.

NEXT Using HERO Grill instructions, light charcoal pod, and prepare grill for cooking.  Place the planked fish directly over the grill and cook for 15 minutes.  Lightly tent the fish with foil and continue to cook until internal temp of the trout reaches 145 degrees, about 25 additional minutes.

LAST Remove the plank from the grill and rest 5 minutes.  Remove lemons and thyme for use on the side.  Serve fish whole, or remove backbone and portion into filets.

Whole Rainbow Trout on HERO Grill

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