By day, Whitney Bolster operates Ampersand, the branding agency she founded in Atlanta that's dedicated to empowering companies built by and for women. While he began as a photojournalist, Nathan Bolster has been working in commercial photography for the last decade and is at his happiest running alongside a subject with a camera pressed to his eye. 

The Bolsters share a passion for adventure, travel, life and the love of their two daughters. We are thrilled they took some time away from their hectic schedules to tell us how they like tailgate this fall.

WB: "Since we are still pretty well spending our days at home, we try to get outside for a meal or two on the weekends. My favorite parts of football season have always been the food and the weather, so that's been about the extent of our "tailgating." We try to take the van somewhere for an overnight– whether it's just up the road to Sweetwater or farther into NC, anything that is not AT HOME is a welcomed experience." 

WB: "I love a kebob. They're pretty and they always taste so good! If you're tired, it can be the whole meal. Steaks with veggies is our go to." 

WB: "I'm definitely not the grilling machine in our house, but this past summer, we went on a cross-country van trip for three weeks with the kids. During that time, I became a more efficient outdoor chef, but still wasn't super comfortable with grilling! The HERO grill is such a welcome addition to our culinary mix– it's easy, it's efficient, and it allows us to cook over a fire without... all that fire. Plus it's cute and comes with a case." 

WB: "Growing up, weekends were all about Tennessee football -- my parents would invite all their friends and their families over to watch the game, and afterwards, they'd play records real loud and everyone would dance in the living room. For one magical game each season, my dad would take just me to Knoxville with him to for a home game.  I never really cared much who won or lost– for me, it was about the experience of old friends coming together, crisp fall weather, . The spirit of the season still lives on in my soul, and it's hard not to get a hankering for a cold beer and something on the grill as soon as the weather starts to turn."

WB: "These days, we're usually camping next to some kind of water (stream, lake, ocean-- we're not too picky). With the Tour De France getting pushed back due to COVID, that's the main event we have running in the background while we get dinner going." 

WB: "Nathan Bolster, without a doubt. He's got the winningest attitude around, a sense of adventure that still inspires me when it doesn't terrify me (I hate heights), and he's always up for whatever crazy idea I get into my head that we just have to do (cue the van trip across the country). We both own our own businesses, which is... a lot. Our life together is like riding a tandem bike -- we're all in motion (or not) together, letting each other coast when we can, grinding up a hill when we have to."