HERO Grill Makes it Easy

Grill simple. That’s a bold statement. And, it’s a very true statement thanks to the new HERO Grill from Fire & Flavor. HERO is a premium, portable and eco-friendly grill that solves the most common grilling challenges, making it the easiest charcoal grill on the planet. 
How HERO measures up

Great grilled food starts with a grill that makes it easy to cook over charcoal. Consider these 7 grilling challenges that HERO solves, making it easy to enjoy a charcoal grilled meal pretty much anywhere you go.

  1. Space. A grill that folds up to the size of a standard laptop? HERO’s components pack into the rugged carry case. It’s easy to carry to your campsite or picnic in the park and convenient to store at home or in your RV. 
  2. Rust.  No one wants to see the dreaded reddish brown color on their grill. HERO has a durable, high temp ceramic coating that delivers grilling ease and is dishwasher safe.
  3. Flipping.  What’s worse than a broken burger? HERO’s custom designed Gratematch™ bamboo spatula easily slips under food, making flipping easier than ever.
  4. Flare ups. Flames shooting up are a griller’s nightmare. HERO helps eliminate flare ups with pre-proportioned, uniform charcoal stacking for an even burn.
  5. Ashes.  Cleaning out grill ashes isn’t fun. HERO’s biodegradable charcoal pods use natural charcoal, which creates less ash than traditional briquettes.
  6. Lighting. Lighter fluid or other chemicals aren’t good for you. HERO charcoal uses a naturally occurring oxidizing mineral to help ignite the briquette in 10 minutes.
  7. Cleaning.  Grilling on a dirty grate is downright unappetizing! HERO’s nonstick surface makes clean up easy. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe! And, the eco-friendly charcoal pod catches the grilling mess. No more dirty grill!   

Like Mother Nature intended
HERO Grill is reusable and easily cleaned using earth friendly soaps. The Charcoal Pods are compostable. They’re made of volcanic rock, paperboard and carbon which converts to ash – all things that are great for Mother Nature. The volcanic rock is an inert mineral and will not decompose, but it will improve soil drainage and aeration. 

So now you can replace those common grilling challenges with a new challenge – Grill simple!  Get out into Mother Nature’s beautiful world and enjoy an authentic charcoal grilled meal cooked on a HERO Grill!