Turkey Perfect: A Simple Guide to Carving Your Turkey

Here at Fire & Flavor, not only do we enjoy cooking and eating so many delicious Thanksgiving recipes, but we also love preparing these dishes in a beautiful presentation. When it comes time to carve the turkey you have been slaving over for hours, you want to present it in the best way possible. After all, we eat with our eyes first! We’ve created a list of 4 hassle free steps to carving your turkey as simply as possible so you can enjoy your meal and more time with family and friends.

How to Carve Your Turkey

Step 1: Leg quarters


Cut the kitchen twine holding your bird’s legs together and slice in between the breast and leg until the hip joint is exposed. Remove the leg quarters by slicing between the joint and the skin attached. This will make the rest of your carving process a lot smoother.

Step 2: Thighs and Drumsticks

Separate thighs from drumsticks by cutting through the joint connecting the thigh to the drumstick on both sides of your turkey. Slice the meat off the drumsticks and thighs, leaving a little bit of skin attached, for smaller portions your family will enjoy.

Step 3: Wings

In order to have easier access to the breast meat, pull the wings away from the bird and cut through the joint connecting the wings and breast. Slice the wings in half if you choose to include them on your spread.

Step 4: Breast


Remove the breast meat by following the shape of the breastbone with your knife, separating the meat from the bone as you do so. Be sure to continue to cut until the entire breast is removed and then slice pieces crosswise to serve after.