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Haven’t tried it yet but shipping was extremely fast

Best Turkey Brine I have ever used

Love this product, received so many compliments!


I discovered your turkey brine while on vacation this fall and received so many compliments on my turkey this Thanksgiving. So I decided to try the chicken brine —love it too! So glad I found you! New happy customer!

Coffee Rub
J Slick
Great on steak

Used on a rib steak. Was the best rub ever!!!

Steak Rub
Jordan Hanger
The best!

My go to for ribeye steaks. The perfect seasoning.

Seafood Rub
Jordan Hanger

I finally found the perfect seasoning for my salmon and shrimp!

Only one problem - make the bag bigger

I have used Fire and Flavor Apple Sage turkey brining kits for many years. I first found them while shopping in my local Giant store. The last turkey I prepared was the worst one I have ever done. It was my fault, and not due to anything wrong with the turkey brining kit. This past Thanksgiving (for the first time since I started brining), I stuffed the turkey. Because of that, the turkey didn't cook well throughout the bird. Spot ended up getting a lot of undercooked turkey and he loved it. NEVEER again, will I ever stuff a turkey. By the way, I cook the turkey out on my deck using a "Big Easy" infrared roaster. This last turkey took several hours longer and still left uncooked meat. One problem with the kits that I have used is that it is almost impossible for my wife and I (we are both 72 years old) to get the bag zipped shut tightly. I really wish the bags would be larger to make closing them even easier. Otherwise, where it really counts, the apple sage brining and infrared cooking have made the greatest tasting birds we have ever tasted. Will be making another one (unstuffed) for Christmas eve when the family arrives.

Wood Wool Fire Starters
Richard Benevides
Great product!

I will only use these fire starters because they are light fast, and you only need one to get your fire going which is very economical.

Love Brining!

Love this item. It is an awesome Turkey brining kit! 🦃🦃🦃


Great product

Turkey Perfect Herb Brine Kit

A perfect blend of herbs for mouthwatering flavor. I will definitely purchase it again when a fried turkey is going to be on the menu. 😋


No as good as the other Turkey Perfect brines. Also the instructions were un clear regarding full or half recipe for smaller turkey.

Unbelievable Game Changer

This brine kit (sweet heat) is absolutely the best out there. I used it for smoking a turkey for Thanksgiving that turned out amazing. . Bought a couple extra for future use.

Georgia Q Wing Finish
Olowunmi Kaffo

Georgia Q Wing Finish

Best Turkey you will ever make

I bought this kit a few years ago at BBB but this year got it Lowe’s. This brining kits is the best. Our 22.5 pound Turkey brined for 36 hours, I melted butter and basted it over the Turkey and roasted in our convection oven for 3 hours uncovered on Convection Roast and reduced it to 325 degrees on regular bake covered for about an hour unstuffed.

Our guests rave about this Turkey every year.

Do yourself a favor and put your bird in the bag in a big pot. That way it does not spill all over your fridge.

The flavor is incredible. Honestly, the best birds I have made since 2018. Buy it!!!

Turkey Brine

I have been using Fire & Flavor turkey brine for years and it has never failed me, it always makes the perfect turkey

Kick of flavor

The Apple sage brine is fantastically balanced in flavor. I’m so glad we decided to trust our turkey in it. We smoked the turkey when the brine was done doing it’s job and it was moist and sweet all the way through! Fire and flavor will be used every Thanksgiving from here on out!

love it

it is my preferred lump charcoal for my Kudu

Thyme & Basil Chicken Brine

Turkey Perfect Herb Brine Kit

Turkey Perfect Herb Brine

Absolutely swear by this product! First step to producing the best tasting turkey your family and friends will ever have! (Let’s try and keep this a secret…)

How big are the containers ?

Wood Wool Fire Starters
David Shattles

Wood Wool Fire Starters

Love the new Flavors!

Bring it on! Cooking a turkey for Thanksgiving is one of my favorite traditions. I love that Fire & Flavor gives us new flavors as we like to have a competition in our family for best turkey. This year it will be a showdown between Lemon Pepper and Sweat Heat!