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best brine

these brines are great,will be the only brines I will use A+

Best Hardwood Charcoal

I have been using your charcoal for years now and absolutely use it each time I smoke my protein weekly.
Excellent flavor each and every time.


Very Quick delivery ☺️

Love the Salmon rub!

Great idea to shrink the waste

I like anything that uses natural materials, and now being able to use less by reusing the charcoal cartridges is even better. We used the Hero Grill at a recent CoolToys event at the beach and cooked a lot of chicken for a lot of people.

Coffee Rub

Great on a pork loin or ribs.

Hero® Grill System
CoolToys TV
Hero V Portable Gas Grill test

We wanted to use the Hero grill and test it against the Coleman portable gas grill. There was no competition, and we changed the episode. The hero grill cooked 5lbs of chicken wings perfectly, the coleman just left a greasy mess in the CruToys Jeep.
Soak 5 lbs of chicken wings in 1 pint 805 or similar heavy lager beer, add juice from four fresh limes and two table spoons of red chili pepper powder or red chili flakes. Let marinade over night and grill.
Yes you will see the Hero on CoolToys TV, and the decal is headed to fire and flavor.
Perfectly done.

best coffee rub i can find retail, but no longer carried in that store, so i came to your website. smoking chunks are much larger than expected, but i guess i'll make them work.

Premium Hardwood Lump Charcoal

Love the Asian rub!

This is my favorite seasoning! It’s got all the flavors! It’s my go-to for salmon and it’s always a hit! I’ve also used it on chicken. 10/10 recommend!

Never Fails

An excellent brine kit that always produces great turkey and great gravy from the drippings. My family is grateful that this brine kit is both gluten free and dairy free.

It’s awesome-use it every year!

Excellent product that I first used for charcoal starters, and found they are equally good for starting fires in my wood stove. Easy to handle, easy to ignite, no fumes that I have noticed. And excellent service from the company as well.

Fire & Flavor Steak Rub
Leslie Renee' Robertson Jenkins
One of my favs!

Amazing flavor that sticks!!

Coffee rub rocks!

I love this rub. I first found it in Publix, but they no longer carry it so I now order it directly. All of my friends and family received this as a Christmas gift. Highly recommend it.

Great product at an affordable rate!

No hassle...

Original order was not fulfilled as ordered. Contacted customer service and they mailed out the missing rub. No hassles! Thanks much.


This is the best turkey brine ever. Turkey is so moist and flavorful

Coffee rub

I LOVE THIS RUB!! Every time I use it and share meats rubbed with it people are like what is this flavor!!! I usually keep a little stash so I can give some bottle out. This Xmas I’m sending a few bottles to my brother who own a small restaurant called The Summer Kitchen down in Rosemary Beach Florida. Hope he and his customers like it so much that Fire and Flavor gets a little biz going!!!!!! Great place to visit on 30a by the way!

Not bad...but can't read the instructions on the back.

Instructions covered up a sticker #U40736 on all three items I purchased. Tried peeling it away as was suggested by customer service...but it ripped the paper packing for the instructions...

Started using these brines the last few years and love em. Used the cajun brine for turkey then smoked on a traeger, absolutely amazing! Will continue to use.

Good products

Been traveling. Have not had chance to use it yet. But I can’t wait. If it’s as good as the hamburger seasoning I know it will be good. I love the hamburger seasoning. I put it on everything

Bird is the Word

Quality kit. Chose herb brine for our first try and we were all pleased with the results. Will definitely use again.

Foolproof brining.

I can't recommend this kit enough. I decided to take over the family Tday about 12 years ago having never cooked a turkey in my life. Did some research which led me to this kit. After following the simple procedures I waited to see what would happen the first time and was rewarded with a niece saying it looked like it belonged on a magazine cover. And it was fabulously tasty. I've now been using this kit for all my Tday turkeys since and all of them have been flavorful, tender and moist with a relatively small output of time and aggravation.

I'm sure there are many ways to make a turkey that would yield results that are just as good, and maybe better though that's hard to imagine, but if you're looking for a way to cook a perfect bird with a high probability of success this is a pretty surefire way to do it with a minimal outlay of time and cash.

Excellent way to brine your turkey.

I highly recommend this brining bag. I have used this product for the last two years. I brine a spatchcock turkey in buttermilk and fine sea salt for 48 hours (New York Time's Recipe) It is the BEST turkey I have ever roasted. I highly recommend this bag. In fact I am buy two more now to have for next year or any other time I need to brine a turkey.