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Queen trimytip

Best seasoning for my tri tips and I used some salmon seasoning on my grilled veggies!!! And they were 💣

The best seasoning

Simply the easiest and best seasoning for salmon…whether grilling baking or steaming !!

Superb Flavor

Great product for grilling salmon. I soak my cedar wraps in white wine for an extra touch.

The BEST fire starter

Simple one here. This is the absolute BEST fire starter out there.


So glad to finally be able to buy the briquettes in bulk... They store easily in the motorhome taking up far less space than multiple pods. And the butane lighter is a must. It works like a mini torch making it amazingly wind resistant!!!

HERO® Charcoal Briquets - NEW
Great deal!

Love that with these briquettes you can reuse you’re pods several times before disposing of them. Great for the environment and great on the wallet!

So EASY to Take With You

Great addition ! I can re-use my pods over a weekend in the backcountry. Love the fact the charcoal comes in waterproof packaging and easily stows in a sling pack.

Lump Charcoal

Tried the lump charcoal on a beef rib cook and it performed flawlessly. The larger chunks held the temperature at a steady 250 on the Big Green Egg. Best results I’ve had holding a temperature.


The Fire Salmon rub gives the salmon flavor. This is my 2nd bottle.

Great burn. Great heat. Slight taste.

I recently used this product this weekend to make a ribeye roast and shrimp kebabs. The lighting was easy using my charcoal chimney and fire starter. What I liked the most was that the charcoal burned real smooth. There were your occasional pops and crackles but for the most part there were no embers that popped. In addition, this gave off some serious heat. I loaded the coals to one side of my barrel grill to cook indirect and the temperatures still rose to about 400 degrees. My only gripe is that I did experience a slight aftertaste in my food and not like the aftertaste you get from smoking or using wood (lump). It was very minimal so it did not interfere with my experience of using this brand for the first time too much.

Glad I found it.

We purchased your Coffee Rub the past 2 years at Lowes. They did not restock this year, we threw out our last empty...couldn't find it anywhere. Had given a jar to a friend last year...she had some left...had her send us a pic...from there we found it on line at your glad we did! It is great on filet mignon on the grill!

HERO® Charcoal Briquets - NEW
Great like the original but

I love my grill system I was excited to purchase these . They work like the original and nothing new but it was a bummer to open two packets and notice one has 12 bricks and another only 11 . Opened four packets and same issue . So really I could not use 4 times as last burn would be missing 4 bricks . Hopefully they fix this issue when new stock is made

Thank you for your feedback! We are looking into this issue and want to send you a replacement product for your issue. Please contact us at

HERO® Charcoal Briquets - NEW

I’ve been waiting since last year for this bulk product to come back to the shelf. Love it! Hope they can keep in stock😊😊

Hero™ Grill System

Biomass Fire Starters

Hero Grill Charcoal Pods

Loved receiving my Hero Grill and addl Charcoal Pods and everything was great until I wanted to reorder the Pods. A little over a month ago a paid $19.95 for a 2 pack and now they are $39.90 for the same2 pack. Which makes every grilling almost $20, sorry $10 was a stretch but $20 per grilling is not going to happen. So in the end the product is great but to sustain usage the cost is now too high, sorry Hero.

Thanks Keith! Our Charcoal Pods can be refilled using our new HERO Charcoal or any charcoal you choose. Hope you will continue to enjoy the product and re-use your pods! 8 sleeves for $19.95 can yield you up to 8 grilling occasions based on how hot you like to grill. The more charcoal the hotter it gets!

Best seasoning for salmon ever

I tried this on my salmon it was the best I have ever had.

Great flavor!

My hands down favorite rub/spice for smoking meats... great stuff! Now offer it in a larger size!


One of the best seasonings we've ever had! Would give it a ten star rating if that was an option.

Love love this stuff

Thank u my order got to me fast. Can’t wait to try all their stuff but the salmon seasoning is what brought me hear love it

Great buy

This seasoning works well on just about ANYTHING! Its like an all purpose seasoning. I'm glad that I purchased this item

Great seasoning

Will purchase again and Again

Fire and Flavor Biomass starters

Haven’t used them yet

Great product

We use these fire starters in our big green egg. They work perfectly. Affordable and great quality.


Your coffee rub is AMAZING , I am hooked on it for sure👍👍👍👍. Please don’t ever stop producing it. My circle of close friends are now “ hooked “ on it too. Thank you very much for making such an AWESOME product.
Julie from Maine