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Best rub for steak!

great stuff

have been woodheating our house for forty years, trying many different firestarters: waxed pine cones, tightly rolled newspapers, candles. grandson gave me a box of woodwool for Christmas, haven't used more than one match per fire since. easy, foolproof, set-it-and-forget-it. Brilliant

Best Fire Starters

I bought these in a store once, then could not find them again. I sought them out online. The best.

Taste of Chicken/Fish Cooked with HERO Grill/Charcoal

We didn’t like the taste of chicken & fish cooked with the Hero Grill/Charcoal. We’re sorry to give a negative review for a product that is so convenient to use.

HERO Charcoal Pods (2 Pack)


I have been using this product for about a year now and the only store I could buy it from discontinued it due to being bought out by another grocery chain. I have tried other brands but none compare to this one. I am extremely disappointed about this. It's the BEST thing I've ever cooked with!!

This coffee rub is our family"s go-to BBQ rub.. We use it on everything we put on the grill, brisket, turkey and baby back ribs. Too bad it isn't readily available at
more grocery stores. We ended up mailing it to friends in Nebraska. Just FYI.

Not as good as hoped

The bucket itself it nice and I like the dishwasher option and collapsible feature. However, lid doesn’t close on it all the way no matter how you try and no directions on the additional ring stabilizer! Does it go inside or outside? More directions with the package and a lid that completely snaps would make this better.

Excellent product

We are big fans of the HERO Grill pods. They are clean to handle, super-easy to light, and ready in minutes. I also love that the leftover ash can be recycled into my garden, as well as the pod tray.

Order was NOT fulfilled

We use this BBQ seasoning a lot. As soon as I found out that I was not able to buy it in other online stores or any other places, I decided to order 12 bottles from the manufacturer, directly from your company. I only received 10 bottles instead. I emailed immediately and didn't get any response. I sent a message through your Facebook page, got no response. Then, I finally got hold of your customer service on the phone last Friday and she said that she was going to send the 2 missing bottles to me. As of now, more than a week later, I still haven't received them yet and was very disappointed. After finishing up whatever we have on hand, I will start looking for another brand. I can't trust your company anymore.

Good for all ages

Teaching grandkids how to grill with good results

Best Turkey ever

Brined it with the kit and then smoked it low and slow... Best. Turkey. Ever.

the best

I will never purposely cook a turkey again without this amazing brine

Loved it

Gave the turkey wonderful flavor!

Item still not received

Even though it has been a few weeks I have yet to receive this item to review it

Lid Doesn’t Seal

Was excited to gift this to my boyfriend for Christmas. He was equally excited to use to it until he tried to put the lid on and the entire bucket collapsed spilling brine everywhere. Even after cleanup and both of us trying to put the lid on, the bucket was not stable. Total disappointment.


I received my order fast and can't wait to try the different spices that others were raving about on the reviews. I love the coffee rub and can't wait to try the others.

One of the best brines out there. Easy to use with great flavor. Great when frying a turkey.

Superb Quality!

I bought the Hero Grill System with the portable case and the extra 2 pack of charcoal pods to gift a friend. I was quite impressed with the quality of the product and the fast shipping especially during the holiday season! I received the order confirmation and tracking information in a timely manner and I didn't have to contact customer service for anything! It is exactly as pictured and such a convenience to have. I plan on buying another one for personal use in the future (once we can actually travel again). I highly recommend them!

F/F Turkey Perfect Cajun Brine Is PERFECT!!

It’s by far the best brine on the market. It’s very easy to use, the turkey is very tasty and it comes out perfect every time


Best coffee rub available!

Fire & Flavor Burger Seasoning, 2.8 Oz