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Ripped bag

Charcoal bag was ripped. There was no damage to the shipping box so I believe it was packed in that condition. This created, and continues to create, a huge dirty mess. Regardless of how much I like your charcoal, if this happens again I’ll cancel my subscription.

Fast shipping

Love the Hero® Grill System 3 Charcoal Pod Bonus Pack! I was so surprised how fast we received everything. Will keep buying.

Great charcoal

The closest briquets to the Weber ones. Great heat, flavor and I can get multiple uses out of. Lasts a long time and not a lot of ash. I will never go back to KBB again. Thanks for making a great product!

Lump hardwood enthusiasts

The best stuff for great grilling.
Bags look little rough up but happy with product.

Awesome seasoning

Great on any seafood


I love this rub just as much as the Coffee Rub. I have used it on Salmon but it was also really good on Shrimp.

Coffee Rub

I have purchased this rub several times and I love it! I use it on most meats before grilling. It gives the meat an awesome flavor. I highly recommend it.

Wood Wool Fire Starters
Deborah Parsons

These work so much better than others on the market. So easy to light!! I can use a small lighter as opposed to my torch.

Best Salmon Rub!!

I absolutely love the flavor and pizazz of this rub! I highly recommend it! It also turned my “no-fish” mother into a salmon lover.

Bag is full of big chunks.
NOT a lot of little pieces.
Burns clean

Fire & Flavor Steak Rub
Connie Coronado
Great Taste Coffee rub

Found this at Lowe's several years ago but they no longer carry in my area. This stuff is incredible! The rub enhances the flavor without overpowering the natural taste. We use on the grill and in the oven. A little goes a long way too! Great product, so glad I can get this product again!

Great Product

We have used this starters for years now and would not try anything else. They are fast to start and do not have that fluid taste smell that other starters have. I recommend them over any other; liter fluid or other starters with harsh chemicals. I give it a 5 stars.


Oh mi the first time we got the seasoning was from Lowe's , I'm from Brasil and Mi Mommie used to always put coffee in everything. Lov it so.

Burger Seasoning the best

This stuff is great all meat and French fries too

Best charcoal flavor!

Decided to give this charcoal a try and so glad I did! I only buy one particular brand of American Kobe-style burgers that are so good I would rather eat one of them than any steak in the meat case. Wasn't sure how this charcoal would work with my little tabletop grill, but it was perfect, absolutely the best chargrilled flavor I've ever tasted. Thank you!

Best lump ive used to date

My favorite charcoal ive ever used! Consistent bag to bag over the last 6 months. Great flavor easy lighting and high heat. Best price around as well! Will continue to buy as long as i grill so forever

Great Grill

Super grill, everything I grilled turns out awesome

HERO Charcoal Pods (2 Pack)

Works! Food tastes great.

I used to think, How hard can it be to make good hardwood lump charcoal? Apparently, it's not all that easy, as some of my experiences with different brands will attest. Everything from difficulty lighting, or burning out to quickly, to leaving an oily sooty residue on my grill and food. That last, from a popular "Competition Charcoal", and when I emailed the company about all the food I had ruined, they acted like they didn't care, other than to have me send them the charcoal or send them pictures. I just laughed; it wasn't worth my time.

Thanks for making a product that is consistently long burning and of what I call "adequately-sized chunks". I can't stand hardwood lump charcoal that is over one-third of the bag is just "dust" or very small chips. Your charcoal not only comes in decent sized chunks, it's most of the bag, so I don't feel like I'm wasting any. Throw in the fact that the food tastes excellent, and I will always try to find this brand when I shop for my charcoal needs.

Kudos to a job well done!

Great for one person

I cooked extra and froze. When I thawed and opened it smelled like it was just cook over open coals. The coals lasted for 5 hours. Great for cooking extra, and better if you need to warm your tent on a cold night. Duel use, cooking and heat.

The best!

Love this seasoning!

We love this blend!

We ordered 4 of this rub because it’s just that good! Definitely one of our favorites on salmon or practically anything else.

Hero® Grill System
Karen is 9th!
Easy and Awesome

Hero Grill is easy to use and does awesome. The little charcoal briquettes light quickly and give a great amount of heat and cooking time. I wish I had found this product before now.

Lit easily, stayed lit, reached desired temperature, burgers and chicken had a great grilled flavor