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Chicken Rub
Bart Pearl
Only one glitch

I would give all the Fire and Flavor rubs five stars if someone would PLEASE stop pasting the bar code labels over the name of the rub so I don’t have to guess which is which!

They are a great little asset to have

I've been passing these out to my customers who buy firewood bundles from me and told them to let me know what they think of them... They have all came back and asked if I had anymore of them so they are a big hit where I'm at... So just wanted to say love the product ....I try promoting your product as much as possible over here in grays harbor WA...

Georgia Q Dry Rub
Todd Lengnick


Steak Rub
Fire Flavor
Great product

Very good flavor , I’m hoping we can partner up sometime since we share the same name 😜 keep it up


Very happy with the product burns fast and very hot. Great!!

Premium Smoke Box
Joe Gimelli
First time buyer

Great service, order was filled and delivered in record time. Love the wing finish flavors.

Great Flavor with no Fire

This wing finish was surprisingly flavorful without over utilizing salt. The flavor comes from a good blend of paprika and mild peppers. It coats and adheres to your cooked chicken well and easily. Careful to not "overcoat" your wings. It is tempting and won't ruin your dinner if you do, but does not refrigerate and rewarm well when heavily coated.

Coffee Rub
Eland Mahaffey

Great service and product..


These cubes are "wicked" ! They start up quick and last long enough for the my chimney smokin hot and ready to cook.

Best brine ever

Coffee Rub
Shayla King

Hope it is back in stock soon-absolute favorite coffee rub!

Very Disapointing

The 20 lb bag of charcoal that I opened had huge chunks that were very difficult to use since I didn't have a mallet to bash them into smaller sizes. The rest of the charcoal was broken into tiny pieces that wouldn't light properly. Don't waste you money on this product.

Best thing since lighter fluid

Love these, non toxic and inexpensive. What's the difference between these and the ones in the green bag?

Same product, new packaging! Thank you so much!

Chicken Rub
Jordyn Weiss
Favorite seasoning

This is honestly one of my favorite seasoning for chicken. When I want to cook something quick and easy I use this on chicken, with avocado and rice. Absolutely best!

Thank you so much, Jordyn! Davis, Founder + CEO

Just Right

These fire starters are wonderful. You just need one under your chimney to get your fire going. They start up quickly and burn thoroughly with no residue. They impart zero chemical flavor. Great value for a great starter.

Salmon Dry Rub
Danny Dobrzenski
My new go to!

Delicious spice blend that wasn't overpowering. It complimented the fish and enhanced the flavors. Really, really good - I'll definitely be using again!

Fast shipping

Haven’t tried it yet but shipping was extremely fast

Best Turkey Brine I have ever used

Love this product, received so many compliments!


I discovered your turkey brine while on vacation this fall and received so many compliments on my turkey this Thanksgiving. So I decided to try the chicken brine —love it too! So glad I found you! New happy customer!

Coffee Rub
J Slick
Great on steak

Used on a rib steak. Was the best rub ever!!!

Thanks! I agree! Davis, Founder + CEO

Steak Rub
Jordan Hanger
The best!

My go to for ribeye steaks. The perfect seasoning.

Seafood Rub
Jordan Hanger

I finally found the perfect seasoning for my salmon and shrimp!

Thanks Jordan! - Davis, Founder

Only one problem - make the bag bigger

I have used Fire and Flavor Apple Sage turkey brining kits for many years. I first found them while shopping in my local Giant store. The last turkey I prepared was the worst one I have ever done. It was my fault, and not due to anything wrong with the turkey brining kit. This past Thanksgiving (for the first time since I started brining), I stuffed the turkey. Because of that, the turkey didn't cook well throughout the bird. Spot ended up getting a lot of undercooked turkey and he loved it. NEVEER again, will I ever stuff a turkey. By the way, I cook the turkey out on my deck using a "Big Easy" infrared roaster. This last turkey took several hours longer and still left uncooked meat. One problem with the kits that I have used is that it is almost impossible for my wife and I (we are both 72 years old) to get the bag zipped shut tightly. I really wish the bags would be larger to make closing them even easier. Otherwise, where it really counts, the apple sage brining and infrared cooking have made the greatest tasting birds we have ever tasted. Will be making another one (unstuffed) for Christmas eve when the family arrives.

Great product!

I will only use these fire starters because they are light fast, and you only need one to get your fire going which is very economical.

Love Brining!

Love this item. It is an awesome Turkey brining kit! 🦃🦃🦃