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Really good lump charcoal

Normally I would get Royal Oak lump charcoal, but I was doing some grocery shopping at my local Publix today and saw this charcoal. The price was reasonable, so I decided to give it a try to smoke two slabs of ribs. Pour the charcoal in my chimney and used a firestarter to get it going. Was pleasantly surprised that this charcoal caught fire real quick and was ready to go in about 9 minutes. Poured the lit charcoal in my smoker, added a couple apple wood chunks, then placed both slabs in the smoker for a three hour cook. Fire & Flavor lump charcoal really held up and maintained consistent heat and temperature. Both ribs turned out delicious with great smoke flavor. Will definitely be my go to lump charcoal from now on.

The Best!

Fire and Flavor is the best charcoal I have ever used. The only problem is that when Publix has it on sale, they don’t have any! Please find another outlet….the rain check I got is no good if they never have the product!

I love it. Trying the apple sage tomorrow

Great little lighters! Works great and are very durable/ long lasting. I have one from 2 or 3 years ago and still works perfect! Thanks Again!!


Been using for ten years. The most juicy turkey. Did 2 at a time with and without Turkey Perfect for 3 years. Turkey Perfect always turned out the best. No fuss, just take out of brine bag and cook.

Turkey Perfect Herb

6 years running and never a fail. I am lucky enough to have a convection oven to compliment. Always full.of flavor and juicy that one does not need gravy. Perfect seasoning kit.

Great mix of spices

First time buying Fire & Flavor products, was looking for something to add a kick to the bird this thanksgiving, found what was looking, great wood chunks of maple, really savory and glazy turkey rub, but wasn't sure about brining. This kit really simplified things, you get everything you need including the oversized Ziplock. The spices are so good, real pieces of apple (dried), and so on. In the end, it did impart an awesome flavor to the bird. Thanks!

Really good rub

Nice blend of spices make for awesome rub for wings, also tried it on chicken breasts.

Savory rub

Nice rub with quality ingredients, it's a bit on the sweet side but it complemented really well a smoked turkey.

The best

I’ve been using Fire & Flavor for years. Always perfect & moist turkey. Wouldn’t roast a turkey without it. The kit makes this so easy. No chasing supplies or ingredients, everything you need.

"Bucket" turkey

These are the best brine kits. Everyone raves about the turkey, thanks to the brine. What I do is to pick up a big orange paint bucket from Home Depot, and then we put the bag into the bucket, insert the turkey into the standing bag, pour in the brine, and seal the bag. The bucket really helps.

I use this Brine every year!!

My husband doesn’t usually get excited over my cooking but he loves the turkey every Thanksgiving . It really keeps the bird moist and delicious!!

Real Maple Chunks

Hi, this is a good product, I was afraid that it wouldn't be real maple, but the smell really gave it away. Also was afraid that it wouldn't be chunks but small pieces or that it would arrive all messed up, but it was well packed, really big chunks of maple, I used them to smoke a 14 pounds turkey and they did impart that smoky, sweet and nutty flavor on the bird. Thanks!


Ordered a shipment then gave me a discount on next order that I had to use in a short amount of time use to buy them at Publix won’t bother now expiration date on a discount really don’t value customers

Fits perfectly in my large Green Egg


There small I ordered
LARGE size. That’s what was advertised 13x16x2 I got 10x12x2.5 not happy at all

Fire and Flavor planks

No more dried out salmon! Gives a moist, delicious flavor to the salmon.

Hardwood lumps

Being using this for smoking or grilling for over a year now,you just have to set the larger chunks on top or save them for smoking, I will never go back to regular charcoal
Great price and services

NEW - HERO® Charcoal Briquets

No longer fit in charcoal pod

Don't get me wrong, I love the Hero Grill system in general and have been using pretty much since it came out. These briquets got a redesign after they were out of stock for many months. Unfortunately they no longer fit into the Hero charcoal pods due to larger diameter. I have to cram them in now and have them propped up the sides. There is just no good way to tile them like before. This creates uneven cooking surface. They do burn hot though, so 2 stars for that.

Cedar Plank Tank
Richard M Ames

Cedar Plank Tank


Green bag ones worked great the brown bag fucking suck

Chicken Rub
Bart Pearl
Only one glitch

I would give all the Fire and Flavor rubs five stars if someone would PLEASE stop pasting the bar code labels over the name of the rub so I don’t have to guess which is which!

They are a great little asset to have

I've been passing these out to my customers who buy firewood bundles from me and told them to let me know what they think of them... They have all came back and asked if I had anymore of them so they are a big hit where I'm at... So just wanted to say love the product ....I try promoting your product as much as possible over here in grays harbor WA...