It's Chili Season: 3 Recipes for a Healthy New Year

New Year, New Recipes

The start to a new year often signals New Year Resolutions and overcrowded gyms. An overindulgence of holiday sweets makes us eager to clean up our diet and choose healthier options. Of course, delicious, healthy meals is our co-founder, Gena Knox's specialty. She loves to create recipes and feeding her family flavorful, nutritious meals is what she does best. Gena has created three chili recipes that will keep you full through the cold months and they are a snap to prepare. Fire & Flavor's rubs help create the perfect flavor profile for chili options. Oh, and they freeze well too!

Easy Chili

You can make this Easy Chili with lean, ground sirloin or turkey. Using our Fire & Flavor Salmon Rub adds robust flavors of assorted chilies, cumin, paprika, and garlic. Top with low-fat sour cream or Greek yogurt, reduced-fat cheddar, and baked tortilla chips, this meal is an simple, healthy meal to make any night of the week.

Vegetarian Chili

We love this vegetarian spin on chili with Farro, white beans, and our Salmon Rub. Top with cilantro, sliced avocado, and a squeeze of fresh lime and you have a hearty meal to warm up to!

Espresso Black Bean Chili

With espresso, ancho chili powder, and a touch of cinnamon, Fire & Flavor Coffee Rub, makes the perfect base for hearty Espresso Black Bean Chili. We love serving this with a fresh orange, feta, and avocado salad to brighten the meal.